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Fancy meeting you here!

Holiday Haus is so excited to be unveiling our HOLIDAY SUBSCRIPTION BOXES! *cue confetti blast*

We can say with total confidence—and a little bit of bias—that these jam-packed joy packs (delivered straight to your doorstep) are the perfect way to get in the spirit of the season *every* season. Think decorations, apparel, beauty products, accessories, one-of-a-kind items, and adorable holiday hoop-la hand-picked just for our darling customers. 



Get to know the brand! Reach out; make the first move. When it comes to our favorite part of the business, meeting you guys is right up there with helping to facilitate magical holiday memories.

Fall in love

We believe *every day* should be celebrated, but we really get into it when it comes to holidays! Sound like you too? Then, in the immortal words of Pat Benatar, we belong together. 

Get merry!

Are we speaking your language? Then let’s make it official! Sign up, and each season*, we’ll send you expertly curated packages brimming with cheery, trendy, sweet, and festive little finds from our haus to your home. 

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2020 Easter Box!

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A word of advice, if we may? Get in on this box!

Lots of care and planning went into each little item we selected for this box, and we can't wait for you to see it all!

*Slight dramatization. 😉 

What was in the sold-out 2019 Halloween box?

And the sold-out 2019 Christmas box?

And the sold-out 2019 Valentine's box?



You’re going to adore being a part of Holiday Haus. Put it this way, Bianca Stratford would love this subscription “more than her Skechers AND her Prada backpack.” Click below to get started!

Holiday! Celebrate!

We would love to send you a box for each and every holiday, but considering there's one every 24 hours (we're looking at you, National High-Five Your Dog Day), we figured we should specify so we're all on the same page.

With your Holiday Haus subscription, you'll get a box for:


And you didn't hear it from us, but word has it that Holiday Haus will be unveiling birthday boxes (!!) starting in 2020! So be sure to include your birthday when you sign up!